Microsoft Project Budget templates

Hi readers,

TPC Budget templateHow to create a great schedule that will also be accurate enough for the project budget? And are there any templates for the project budget around?

Let’s explore the different aspects of a budget, see if there are any templates already available and create a template that you can use.

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About Cost resources

Cost resources article pictureThis has been a post that has been on my mind for far too long. About cost resources is a About post that focuses on a very specific resource type you can utilize in Microsoft Project. I’m using MS Project Pro for Office 365 and Project Online. But most of the things you see here will also be appropriate for Project (Server) 2010, 2013 and 2016. Continue reading About Cost resources

Using units instead of the resource calendar

Hi Readers, This is it, the third (and final?) post related to Max. Units in Microsoft Project. I wrote two posts already that can be accessed through these links: Post 1 and post 2. This is a Do it Yourself post and will teach you how to use Max. Units correctly in the situation where you want to accurately portray the resource availability, but don’t care about specific days off or non project work. I frequently use this method at municipals or companies that do high level capacity management. Continue reading Using units instead of the resource calendar

Using max units in Microsoft Project

Hey readers, Here is another post for you to bite into. This post is about using Max units in Microsoft Project. And if you are not familiar with the term max units, don’t worry I’ll start with a little explanation. Here we go. Continue reading Using max units in Microsoft Project

Capacity as Activity (flaw 2)

This is post number 2 in my series about incorrect use of Microsoft Project stand alone version. I started this series to get the most commonplace examples out in the world and help people understand Microsoft Project a little better. Once again, the images in these posts are build using the Microsoft Project 2013 Pro edition, but this series can be useful for all versions of the product. Continue reading Capacity as Activity (flaw 2)